Evadne Battaglia

a guarded nano who talks to machines


You’ve always liked—and trusted—machines more than people, and they often seem to do your bidding with hardly a thought. When pulled into a conversation, you tend to trail off, as though putting words to your thoughts required too much effort; machines are so much easier to work with.

How did this “machine connection” start? Did something happen to drive you away from people, or have you always had this knack?


You grew up in Fasten, a village in Navarene known for…nothing, really. It’s a small village nestled quietly in one of the safer parts of the Steadfast, where nothing…ever…happens, and it bored you to death. You tend to keep to yourself, preferring the company of machines to people, and couldn’t stand their typical small-town nosiness.

You headed to Charmonde, hoping to find more like minds at the Asaranti University, and lost yourself for a while in its vast libraries, sitting at the back of classes that you couldn’t register for (tuition at the university being as extortionate as it was), until finally deciding to explore more of the world. You joined Dimitar Rowe’s expedition into the Beyond…why? How did you meet, and what persuaded you to leave your studies and venture out into the unknown?

Evadne Battaglia

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