Enok Carver

a tough glaive who fights dirty


You’ve been hired to act as Dimitar Rowe’s bodyguard. Normally you wouldn’t take a job from a stranger, especially one that will take you out of Legrash and the Black Riage, but you need the money urgently. Why? Are you in debt to someone dangerous, or does someone you know need care that you can’t afford?


A true son of Legrash, you spend your days doing whatever odd work you can find, and your nights getting into fights, either for drinking money or just to pass the time. The work you do find is generally as an enforcer or bodyguard for some gangster or another; you don’t really care who, as long as they pay you.

The brawling rings in Legrash, one of the few “businesses” that the squalid village is known for, are renowned for their frequency, violence, and lack of rules. You’ve built up a thick skin, a collection of scars, and a knack for winning a fight by means fair or foul. Somebody in Legrash previously lost a fight to you and a hidden blade you were packing, and they—or someone else in Legrash—fully intends to return the favor. Who are they, and why did you have to cheat to win the fight?

Enok Carver

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