Dimitar Rowe

a naive glaive who leads


You carry a sword that sparks with energy, though its power source is unknown. You have not yet discovered its purpose, or how to activate it, though it sometimes seems to discharge of its own volution—not always at the best of times. Where did this sword come from? Was it inherited, or a gift? Or stolen?


You are a member of the Order of Truth from Charmonde, sent to track down an ancient and dangerous artifact rumored to lie east of the Black Riage.

Why did the Order of Truth choose to send you? Was it a reward for your loyalty to the Order—or punishment for some unintended slight?

This is the first time you have left the relative safety of the Steadfast, but you do not travel alone. Which of your companions did you (or your superiors) hire to help ensure your safety?

Dimitar Rowe

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