Sabella Mol

a rugged glaive who hunts with great skill


You have been to Embered Peaks before, and there is someone you know there who you are excited—or apprehensive—to run into again. Who is it, and what is your history?


You’ve lived in the Beyond all your life, wandering the dangerous wastes between aldeias and returning to civilization only briefly, to sell whatever treasures you’ve found and resupply. Over time, you’ve found the information you acquire this way to be even more valuable than the numenera you come across; your photographic memory of landscapes and terrains, and their hidden dangers, are priceless—to the right buyer.

Recently, you’ve seen increasingly erratic and aggressive behavior from creatures in the area, and suspect that something is affecting them. You’ve begun tracking the disruption to its source in order to discover what is behind it.

Sabella Mol

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