Jacqueline the MyGyver

MyGyver in training


Comes from the town of Falling Star, where certain master jacks and their apprentices are called “MyGyvers.” MyGyvers are trained in the art of identifying, repairing, and creating objects quickly using whatever materials are available.

Falling Star was devastated ages ago when a strange star fell from the sky moderately close to the mining town. It was uninhabitable for a long time, and it is still a difficult place to live. Hence, the MyGyvers are important to the town’s survival by scavenging useful objects from the ancient ruins around it.

A couple of years ago, three townspeople decided to investigate the fallen star. They returned, raving mad, and all of them abruptly mummified before horrified onlookers. Since then, at random intervals, people in Falling Star will suddenly become mummified. No one is sure what is causing this strange, deadly plague, but all strongly suspect that it has something to do with the fallen star and that it was triggered by those first three victims. The town is terrified, and many residents have left, but the town’s mines are too valuable to abandon. Thus, Jacqueline’s mentor, Jackobin MyGyver, has tasked her with investigating the rumors of the resurrection machine in Embered Peaks to see if it would be possible to resurrect one of The Three and find out what really happened and if it can be stopped.


Jacqueline the MyGyver

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