Helena Raja

a clever jack who fuses flesh and steel


Your body is slowly being taken over by a synthetic organism that has replaced your left arm with multiple, segmented tentacles tipped with mechanical forceps. These “extra hands” are extremely precise, but fairly weak; they count as an asset for any light-fingered work, but for anything heavier, you are effectively one-handed.

These tentacles have their own cypher limit, which starts at 2 and goes up as the organism takes over more of your body. However, the tentacles must hold the cyphers themselves, and cannot do anything else while so occupied.

How did you become attached to this organism, and what is it (if you know)? How much control do you have over it—or it over you?


You explore ancient ruins for devices and artifacts to sell. You’re less interested in learning about them than making a profit off of them, and will lie about their purpose to increase the price if you don’t know what they’re really for.

You have come to Ember’s Peak following rumors of a powerful numenera device in the area.

You frequently work as a team with one of the other PCs—pick one and explain how you met.

Helena Raja

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